4 Ways To Survive The San Andreas Earthquake

San Andreas is a long fault that sits inland and runs from Southern California all the way up to Northern California. A strong shift in the fault under Southern California has been long overdue. The latest predictions say there's a 7% probability of an 8.0 earthquake within the next 30 years. Within the same period, the chance of a 7.0 earthquake is 75%. Though a 7.0 earthquake happening would have considerably less power than an 8.0 earthquake, it's important to be prepared for either earthquak

4 Easy Dessert Recipes Using Pocket Latte's Coffee Bars

Pocket Latte has created a new way to coffee. They use real coffee, crafted into a solid bar, to caffeinate you on-the-go! They're made with natural, organic, soy-free, gluten-free, and non-GMO ingredients! (There are vegan options available.) Check out their Kickstarter here to get exclusive deals and early access to their coffee bars! 2. Mix together the butter and sugar. Beat in the eggs and add vanilla, baking soda, and salt. Stir in flour. 3. Process the Pocket Latte bars until it's broke

4 Easy Breakfast Recipes With Pocket Latte Coffee Bars

Having coffee with your breakfast is great, but having coffee in your breakfast is better! Pocket Latte makes all-natural coffee bars that are perfect eaten alone or in a recipe! Order Pocket Latte's coffee bars on their Kickstarter or website. Try these recipes out sometime, and see how you like it! 4. Process Pocket Latte coffee bars in food processor until broken into small pieces, add to mix 5. Heat skillet over medium heat, drip mixture and cook until golden brown on the bottom. Flip and c

Your New Go-To Caffeine Fix That Won't Burn Your Tongue Or Spill On Your Clothes

Coffee is the second most consumed beverage in the world, even though it hasn't had a change in over 800 years. It hasn't changed despite the fact that it can burn you, it can get too cold, spills, and stain your clothes. So many people are fueled by the caffeine, or love the taste of coffee, that they refuse to give up this part of their life. What if I told you there was another way? There is - a way that cuts out the temperature flaws of coffee and liquid entirely, while preserving the caff

Is Lemon Water Really All That Great?

Lemon water has blown up on the internet, endorsed by celebrities and influencers for its supposed health benefits. Having a glass of water with lemon in it is said to aid in digestion and detoxification. It can be a weight loss aid, and boost in vitamin C, energy, and mood. The one lemon slice can also refresh skin and heal the body. But how true are these health claims? When we dig into the actual benefits of lemon in water, we see they are much less impressive than it seems. While there are

There's A Lesson In Childish Gambino's 'This Is America' Video That Everyone Should Learn

Childish Gambino’s latest music video, This is America, has caught headlines and shot the song to #1 on Spotify. There are tons of hidden messages and symbols in the video. If you haven’t watched it yet, watch it here. This is America has raised hard topics to address. One of the main themes in the video is of focus on all the wrong things. Gambino is dancing around the warehouse with school kids, while robberies and murders are happening in the background. He shoots people, but more care is gi

6 Books To Read ASAP

Here are a few of my favorite books. Whether you're into nonfiction or tales, there's something on this list for you! If you haven’t read this yet, make sure it’s on your list. My favorite book of all time, it has completely changed my perspective on materialism, hope, and provided a constant reminder to stay grounded despite “currents”. Whether you’re into entrepreneurship or not, there’s much to learn from one of the most ambitious people of our time. His journey came with countless hurdles,

Facebook Will Make A Recovery From Their Latest Scandal, And Here's Why

Facebook has had a long history with privacy issues. They have been called out many times for mishandling people’s data. Each time, Mark Zuckerberg has promised to give users more control of their information. However, Zuckerberg has continued to collect innumerable pieces of data from its users to power the tech giant. In the past, privacy issues have popped up often. In 2007, Facebook broadcasted user activities elsewhere on the web without user permission. In 2010, Facebook sent informati

Actually, Snapchat’s Update Is Great, Don't @ Me

Whenever a change is forcibly imposed onto people, they are bound to retaliate and complain about the change even if it had good aspects. Once routine is re-established, however, everyone adjusts and it no longer becomes a big deal. Like everyone else, I hated Snapchat’s update when I first used it. I thought it was way too promotional of irrelevant news, and hated how I didn’t get a clear list of everyone’s stories. But, I’ve adjusted to and even come to like the changes that the new update

What's Going On With Net Neutrality?

If you’ve been on social media lately, you’ve likely seen news around net neutrality. If you’re not sure what’s going on, don’t worry. This guide will explain what net neutrality is and what it means for you. Net neutrality prohibits broadband companies from blocking or charging users for certain websites. It regulates businesses that connect consumers to the internet. These include AT&T, Verizon, and Comcast. These companies must treat all content the same under net neutrality. For example, th

America's Biggest Flaw Is Its Biggest Obesssion

Every time there's a gun massacre in the US, the same series of events unfold that can be summed up with DABDA, the five stages of grief: 1. We are in denial. 3. We bargain with each other and ourselves. The problem is the last step. We accept what happened without doing much about it. By changing nothing, though, there isn't anything new that will prevent the same thing from happening again. If you're not doing anything to be a part of the solution, then you're part of the problem. The firs

I Survived On A Single Food Dish For 2 Months

I spent my past summer interning abroad in Shanghai. I went there by myself, and I didn’t have many friends in Shanghai. I decided to take advantage of this quiet period away from the influence of others. I’ve noticed that when I’m around other people, I am influenced to do unhealthy things. I spend more money, over eat food, not exercise, and more. My personal challenge over the summer included a heavy diet restriction. I felt guilty about all the weight I had gained over the school year. Fr

10 Reasons Coffee Is The Holy Grail

Coffee is full of antioxidants and health-promoting properties. Antioxidants in the coffee help reduce inflammation and reduce the risk for related disorders. Your coffee intake can be a lot more beneficial than you think! Here are 10 reasons to drink more coffee, backed by research! A study by NCBI found habitual coffee consumption is associated with a lower risk of type 2 diabetes. In the long-running Framingham heart study, every 8 oz cup of coffee consumed per day is linked with a decrea
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